Cables and preconnectorized cables

The wide range of FOLAN fiber optic cables can meet all types of needs. These cables protect the networks by protecting the fiber from all external elements. There are 5 key points to consider when choosing an optical cable.

  • Its architecture (Breakout, Distribution, Multitubes …)
  • The number of fibers
  • The type of fiber
  • The installation location of the cable (inside and / or outside)
  • The necessary protection (protection against rodents, metallic armor …)

Discover here the most requested FOLAN cables:

Cables and preconnectorized cables
Micromodule cable
Duct & Aerial Micromodule cable
Reinforced BREAKOUT cable
Distribution Cable
Distribution cable
Câble Tubé Central
Minicore Cable
Riser cable
Interior/exterior subscriber drop cable
Micromodule drop cable
Distribution drop cable
Minicore Cable
Minicore preconnectorized cable
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