Smart Cities

The term Smart Cities refers to the connected cities, which are based on an infrastructure allowing the development of Smart Territories around different axes. Indeed, security, environment, energy management, transport and smart buildings will make cities more upgradeable and efficient to improve the quality of life of city dwellers.

One of the pillars of a smart city concerns the collection of information: it can be linked to sensors (pollution, humidity, temperature), to connected objects or IoT – Internet of Things (connected locks), or via cameras (traffic management, urban video surveillance). On the whole, this will generate a large amount of data which will be managed locally to gain latency. Depending on the type of sensors, the information can be analyzed in a local data center (edge data center) or in an urban supervision center as part of a video protection camera.


In addition to sensors and confronted with the increase in the amount of data generated by them, the network infrastructure is becoming a major axis of innovation thanks to optical fiber and 5G to meet different technical expectations such as bitrates and latency.

With more than 30 years of experience in Data and Telecom networks, FOLAN supports its customers’ choice of infrastructure solutions in all areas of development of a Smart City such as intelligent management of lighting in a tunnel, urban video protection systems, connection of variable message signs, etc.


Smart cities

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