Innovative products

In an economic context very favorable to the development of the national fiber optic network, FOLAN, with its 30 years of expertise, is a reference player. Known for its “best sellers”, FOLAN is also distinguished by several innovations recognized on the market. 

FOLAN actively contributes to market growth through its new and technically advanced solutions, some of which are patented.

Innovative products Optical Fiber
Palerme compact box
Hybrid LCA/SCA and LC fittings
96FO Porto and Niagara patch panels
Tiroir Plastique
Multi-tray plastic patch panels
Cassette d'épissurage
12-splices spling tray and its blocking system
PTO et Raccord Auto-protégé
Optical telecommunication outlet and self-protected adapter
The whole FOLAN team is at your disposal for more information on these innovations.