Specific project

On tracks for the 2023 Alpine World Ski Championships

The Alpine World Ski Championships is taking place in February 2023 in Courchevel-Méribel. This event will be broadcasted live in the world, which represents more than 1,000 hours TV broadcast and 600 million viewers. Everything is possible thanks to the fiber optic deployment realised for the championships!

A relationship of trust

For this  large project, our FOLAN’s experts is working with their trusted partners SERPOLLET Savoie Mont-Blanc and Jager BT, offering products adapted for the site to create an underground fiber optic network. The goal is to allow TV broadcasting via cameras, deploy a network for the ski slopes’ images. Their team of experienced specialists are able to deploy this type of network, regardless of the environment and weather constraints.

Our PANAMA boxes, Delphi Patch Panels, Micromodule cable, as well as our Flat Sealed Closure were showcased for the championships.

Quality goods for a successful alpine ski championship

  • Our PANAMA boxes facilitate the creation of mobile networks infrastructures. For this deployment, we offer standard boxes, as well as customised boxes to meet the demand more effectively.
  • Our Delphi Patch Panels are sliding patch panels particularly adapted for connection via pigtailing. Completely appropriated for harsh environments, they are equipped with a reinforced rodent protection.
  • Our micromodule cable can route the fiber over long distances. Its light and compact ADSS structure allows the cable to be easily handled for an aerial deployment or for an installation in ducts by pulling or blowing.
  • Our Flat sealed Closure are designed to accommodate, manage and protect up to 96 splices. Compacts, watertight and highly resistant, they are ideal for an installation in narrow underground spaces, on a pole or a wall.

You can find our LinkedIn article here!