Specific project

FOLAN’s products for the commuters of Lyon’s metro

For a few months now, Lyon’s metro commuters benefit from the 4G in stations and trains on all the transportation network. And FOLAN has to do something with this…

Completely invisible for commuters, FOLAN’s fiber optic products can be met all over the FTTx networks and they provide a high-speed internet access under any circumstances.

FOLAN’s experts worked along with the team in charge of the 4G coupling system’s installation. They offered appropriate products and compact enough to be set up in stations’ sealed cabinets.

Available in two formats, our FIDJI box have a capacity of 24 and 48 splices. Extremely compact and secured with a padlock, they can take different adapter plates so that they can be tailored to accommodate all your installation configurations. The coiling area guarantees the fiber bending radius conformity and the pivoting cassettes offer an easy and comfortable access to the fibers and splices.