Copper network switchoff

The copper network switchoff, or the end of the copper local loop, is a major industrial project. It is a move to modernise France’s digital infrastructure.

Fibre is one of the so-called essential infrastructures. It supports the development of digital services and uses for businesses and individuals.

Two main phenomena are occurring at the same time:

  • The ageing of the copper infrastructure, which needs to be maintained, renewed and replaced.
  • The emergence of new uses (VoD, video calls, remote data storage, etc.) which require increasingly high speeds and an infrastructure that meets these needs.

What is the schedule for copper network switchoff?

Orange, which carries the historical infrastructure, is in charge and has announced in 2019 a schedule of planned switchoffs.

For the general public, the aim is to switch from the historical copper local loop (since 1970) to fibre and FTTH, by zone, with 36 months’ notice in each zone. The perspective is now a replacement by 2030 of the historical copper network by fibre.

After experiments in 2020, the first notices have arrived.

  • At the end of 2019, Orange announced its intention to phase out its historic copper network from 2023 onwards, to be completed by 2030.
  • At the same time, in the summer of 2020, the government announced its intention to make fibre optics available throughout the country by 2025.

And what impacts?

The digital transition will require the continued deployment of digital infrastructure: cables, optical boxes, optical patchpanels, all the know-how of FOLAN to equip your networks.

Do not worry, FOLAN will support you

Don’t worry, FOLAN is already involved in the fibre optic coverage of France (and abroad…).
To support you, our locally based teams will be your key contacts for your deployment projects and participate in the implementation of fibre for all.
Proximity, experience, quality are the pillars of FOLAN’s know-how.