Behind the scenes of the design of the Panama hybrid box

At FOLAN, since 1988, we have specialized in passive solutions for optical fiber networks: network cores, FTTx deployments, Data Centers, Industries, and more. The design and manufacturing of optical fiber solutions, along with customization for specific needs, make FOLAN a major player in the industry. Exclusively, dive behind the scenes of the Panama hybrid box design and assembly in our facilities in Lyon, France. From engineering to production, quality control, and logistics, explore each stage of the product creation process in a 150-second immersive video.

Step 1: Engineering Department

At the heart of innovation at FOLAN lies our integrated engineering department. Here, our team of engineers explores new concepts, analyzes functional needs, and brings concepts to life through 3D modeling and 3D printing. Our engineering department designs and tests the full range of FOLAN products, but also offers custom solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Step 2: Production

In our production workshops, the expertise of our teams shapes the products. With precision and care, our skilled operators assemble each component of the product, perform connectorization, and precisely position the optical fiber in the box. This operation requires advanced technical expertise and meticulous attention to detail, as you can see in the design of the Panama hybrid box.

Step 3: Quality Control

Our products undergo a comprehensive quality control process. This control may occur before production (such as measuring pigtails) and/or after the assembly phase. Thorough visual inspection is conducted to detect any imperfections, while compliance tests ensure that the product meets the industry’s strictest standards and specifications.

Step 4: Logistics

Once the manufacturing process is complete, our logistics operators take over. Each product is carefully packaged to ensure its protection during transportation. We then prepare the parcels for shipment, ensuring they are correctly labeled and ready to be delivered to our customers.

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