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Damien BOURGEOIS, Managing Director of Tel&Com, gives us his feedback on our Folan-shop website.

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Who is Tel&Com?

Tel&Com is a company in the Ardennes that handles the deployment of the Losange (Orange) fibre optic network, as well as having a security/energy side with alarm systems, electricity, photovoltaics…

How did you hear about FOLAN?

So I’ve been working with FOLAN since the end of 2022. We managed to get contracts for fibre rollouts, isolated sockets and network extensions, for which we had to supply the equipment. I got in touch with suppliers that I knew and others that I Googled and came across FOLAN. I got in touch with Sylvie (sales) and things just clicked.

What did you order?

The Folan-shop order was placed following an e-mail quotation. We wanted to try the order on the website so that I could give feedback on whether it had been successful or not. So it was mainly fibre optic reels and boxes for everything in Losange
in the Ardennes and the Marne.

Why did you come to Folan-shop?

We just dropped by the site for a test drive, at Sylvie’s request. Frankly, it was very conclusive! Although the quote was sent by e-mail, it was reentered in my online account and I was able to check my entire order before confirming it.

How did your order go?

Very good. Frankly, it’s good, it’s simple, it’s fast. The search engine on your site is pretty well done. For the moment, I have nothing to say.

Would you recommend Folan-shop?

Yes, yes, of course! I’ve already placed orders on the site that were great, and what’s more you’ve got a clearance tab, where you might find a small item that interests you.

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