FOLAN, a player in the attractiveness of territories

Teleworking, remote medical consultations, video calls with family and friends… The health crisis has changed the way people work and revealed the need for a high-performance Internet connection.

This is what is at stake in the deployment of fibre optics and the France Très Haut Débit plan launched in 2013 by the government for local authorities. Its objective is to cover the entire country with very high-speed broadband – i.e. a connection of over 30 megabits per second – by 2025.

The development of fibre optics in the territories has already made it possible to

- reduce telecom costs by 30% thanks to the emergence of local operators and the arrival of national players
- Develop local employment,
- reduce the digital divide,
- and to restore the economic attractiveness of the territories.

FOLAN accompanies the deployment of Very High Speed Broadband with the development of products adapted to the needs of the market and the customers. Adrien Dendleux, product manager at FOLAN, explains all in video: