CSR commitment

FOLAN and sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility has become a major economic and environmental challenge. In recent years, we have seen more and more electric vehicles on the road: cars, buses and, in the near future, goods vehicles.

All these vehicles have one thing in common: the need to have access to an EVSE in order to recharge. We are not talking here about home charging stations but about public charging stations installed on motorways, in car parks and in town centres, which provide a higher power level.

What is an EVSE?

An EVSE is a charging station: EVSE stands for electric vehicle supply equipment. The infrastructure therefore ranges from the charging point (of a defined power) to the electrical management and communication elements, via the parking spot.

Why is FOLAN in the market of sustainable mobility?

For several reasons:

  • The first one is quite simple: in order to function, a terminal needs a communication medium, whether it is wireless (4G, Wifi) or wired (Copper or Fibre). We have been network infrastructure specialists for over 30 years!
  • FOLAN is also committed to an active CSR policy. We have been an Ecovadis gold medal winner for 6 consecutive years, and are also present in Carbon4. It is therefore logical that we support our clients in the development of this sustainable mobility!
  • Finally, because this is a market with strong governmental objectives. They plan to install 100,000 public charging points and to have 440 motorway areas equipped.

How is FOLAN involved in the charging station market?

This will depend on the type of connection made. FOLAN is able to offer different types of support.
The first being fibre, the company’s core business: we offer a range of products from patch cords to cables, including distribution cabiners and sliding patch panels, with all types of connectors (SC, LC and ST connectors found on various charging stations).