New products


In an economic context very favorable to the development of the national fiber optic network, FOLAN, with its 30 years of expertise, is a reference player.

Known for its “best sellers”, FOLAN is also distinguished by several innovations recognized on the market. Among them: the 12 splices splicing tray, the self-protected adapter or, more recently, the launch of a new range of plastic optical patch panels. Let’s have a look on the characteristics of these innovative products.

Multi-tray plastic patch panels

Multi-tray plastic patch panels

Available in 1U and 3U versions, these pivoting patch panels designed in plastic are equipped with a pre-positioning system allowing a fixing without cage nut, by a single technician and in less than 40 seconds. Lightweight, their innovative design guarantees a simple and very intuitive implementation.

The optical telecommunication outlet and its self-protected adapter

Optical telecommunication outlet

Specifically developed for residential applications as part of the FTTH deployment, the FOLAN optical telecommunication outlet offers up to 4 SC-interface ports. It is equipped with self-protected adapters, equipped with a patented safety valve offering several advantages, such as ease of connection and disconnection and effective protection of the optical face against dust. Thanks to its compact and simple design, the optical telecommunication outlet is installed safely and discreetly at the subscriber’s house.

Suscriber patchcords

Suscriber patchcords

FOLAN also offers a complete line of subscriber patchcords available in different lengths and connectors. This product, with its small bending radius, is adapted to reduced interior spaces and resistant to internal mechanical constraints, and thus makes the connection between the optical telecommunication outlet and the active equipment of the subscriber reliable.

12-splices spling tray and its blocking system

12-splices spling tray

Designed to facilitate splicing operations on optical fibers, the FOLAN cassette is composed of removable combs to ensure the maintenance of the fibers, as well as a coiling area. The assembly of several cassettes by clipping is simple and fast, and its blocking system allows to lock the cassette in the open position to facilitate connection operations.

The 10G earthquake-safe patch panel

10G earthquake-safe patch panel

Following the Fukushima nuclear accident, FOLAN has taken up the challenge of the Ultimate Rescue Diesel project by developing and producing the “10G patch panel”, the first optical equipment validated by the new SND standard, which now equips KUS cabinets in the French nuclear stations.

The whole FOLAN team is at your disposal for more information on these innovations, or any other project on which we could offer you our expertise.