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LIMA OCP, a plug and play solution

Jean-Christophe DUPONCHELLE, FTTH Product Manager at FOLAN, talks about LIMA product, an Optical connection point (OCP) designed for the UK market.

What is LIMA OCP used for?

The LIMA is a waterproof IP 68 enclosure with 12FO supertap capacity, opti tap compatible. It can be used with various connectors: SC-APC, LC-APC, MPO. The box is supplied with a pre-connected cable of any length, from 3 to 400 metres. The pole-mounted box can also be mounted on a wall or in a cable chamber. Its daisy-chain operation means it can be used in series. The LIMA product has been approved by British Telecom, a major operator in the UK.

What are the advantages?

Today, FTTH deployment in the UK is around 50%, compared with 80% in France. The challenge is to make fibre accessible to all homes. As LIMA is plug and play, it appears to be the most suitable solution for rapid deployment. As connectorisation is carried out in our factories in Europe, no soldering is required on site. This enables the technician to save time. Our industrial process and quality controls guarantee the reliability of our LIMA OCPs. The three key points to remember: peace of mind, tranquillity and flexibility… The universal vocation of Supertap connectors means you can connect digital infrastructures intuitively.

What is the added value of FOLAN?

This product can be part of a turnkey solution and complements FOLAN’s aerial deployment offer, which already has a whole range of aerial armament: anchoring clamps, suspension clamps, etc. It offers an alternative to the PBO version, which requires a technician to carry out splicing and soldering. It is also the guarantee of a quality product, assembled in-house: internal welding, cable assembly and testing.