CSR commitment

CSR: FOLAN's long-term commitment

During the European Sustainable Development Week, FOLAN reaffirms its long-standing commitment to improve its social, economic and environmental performance. In 2022, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach was rewarded for the sixth consecutive year by the EcoVadis gold medal.

A recognised CSR commitment

FOLAN is voluntarily committed to a CSR approach, with multiple objectives: limit our impact on the environment as much as possible, improve our processes related to energy performance, manage a responsible purchasing policy, meet performance and quality of life at work, etc.

CSR is now part of our corporate policy and at the heart all of our actions, both at the operational and strategic levels. As a source of progress and innovation, this ambitious approach enables us to anticipate the expectations of our customers and partners, but also to prevent risks thanks to a heuristic analysis of our activity and the measurement of our environmental impacts.

For the sake of transparency, FOLAN’s CSR approach is evaluated every year by an independent rating agency. This evaluation underlines the commitment of FOLAN on the following 4 fields:

  • Environment: the control of the impact of our activity on the environment,
  • Social and human rights: respect for human rights on diversity, equity and inclusion,
  • Corporate ethics: anti-corruption policy,
  • Responsible Purchasing: consistency between FOLAN’s values and those of suppliers.

In 2022, with a score of 66/100, FOLAN received the EcoVadis Gold Medal for the sixth consecutive year. This reward places FOLAN in the top 5% of the best performing companies in the sector.

Juliane Perrin, QSE/RSE engineer at FOLAN, explains in video the challenges and actions impelemented by FOLAN regarding Corporate Social Responsibility:

Addressing the climate emergency

The drought and fires of this 2022 summer show the reality of the human activity’s impact on the environment. The figures are alarming: experts estimate that the temperature has risen by 1.5 degrees since the pre-industrial era. If nothing is done, this increase may reach 3.2°C (or more) by the end of the century.

Beyond the regulatory aspect, it is up to everyone – individuals and companies – to take a responsible approach in order to limite their impact on global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, etc.

These concerns are one of the main thrusts of our development strategy. A decarbonisation initiative at the level of the R&D group, to which FOLAN belongs, was thus initiated in 2021. Accompanied by Carbone4, a consultancy firm specialising in energy and climate issues, it will involve measuring and understanding emissions, defining a roadmap, reducing CO2 emissions and implementing a positive impact policy. The programme for the next 4 years is already on track.